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Nourishing Roots: Erbalist & Wellness Coach Cert.

  • 26Weeks


Welcome to Nourishing Roots, the premier Herbalist and Wellness Coach Certification program approved by the prestigious American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), brought to you by Moya Body Care Wellness Institute. Are you passionate about holistic healing, herbal remedies, and empowering others to achieve optimal digestive health? Look no further! Our comprehensive certification program focuses on the vital connection between herbalism, wellness coaching, and digestive well-being. Why choose Nourishing Roots: 1. Industry-approved Certification: Our program is proudly approved by the AADP, ensuring that you receive a recognized certification upon completion. Stand out in the field and specialize in optimizing digestive health. 2. Digestive Health Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced instructors who are well-versed in the intricate workings of the digestive system. 3. Holistic Approach for Digestive Health: Our curriculum delves deep into the art and science of herbalism, focusing on herbs and practices specifically beneficial for digestive health. 4. Hands-on Training: Through hands-on workshops and practical exercises, you'll gain invaluable experience. 5. Diverse Learning Opportunities: At MBC Wellness Institute, we believe in providing a well-rounded education.



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Nourishing Roots


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