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Foundation Level Colon Hydrotherapy Course

  • 13Weeks


100-Hour Foundation Level Colon Therapy Certification Course Are you looking to embark on a career journey as a Colon Therapist and want to learn the foundations of this holistic practice? Look no further! Our 100-Hour Foundation Level Colon Therapy Certification Course is designed to equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to create a successful and long-lasting career as a wellness practitioner. Our course is led by the highly regarded Mo, the President of Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy (GPACT), who has extensive experience in Holistic Medicine and Colon Therapy techniques. In this 3-month online course, Mo will utilize advanced techniques such as Human Design and Galactic Signature to help you chart your path as a Colon Therapist. You will gain access to unparalleled insights that will set you on the correct path to a rewarding career in this field. During this course, you will learn a wide array of topics ranging from essential anatomy and physiology related to Colon Therapy to indications and contraindications for clients. You will also learn about the significance of proper hygiene protocols, maintaining a professional interface with clients, and setting up your practice in the best possible manner. Our next course will be held online, and after the 3 month online course, there will be a mandatory 6-day in-person training program at our state-of-art training center in Torrance, California.





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